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"To Touch Culture" 2016

Touch Culture 2016

The fifth jubilee edition of the “To Touch Culture” event kicked off at the Libraria of Collegium Maius with the sound of a traditional museum clock. Then museum director Professor Krzysztof Stopka and Ireneusz Białek welcomed the guests and expressed their satisfaction with the fact that for already five years it had been possible to bring the academic community together thanks to culture which overcomes generational barriers.


The next speaker was Professor Andrzej Mania, JU Vice-Rector for Education who said that the opening of the Jagiellonian University Museum to the needs of various groups of visitors, including the specific needs of persons with disabilities, had become daily routine and as a result no ceremonies might be needed any more, just coming to visit that extraordinary cultural site that Collegium Maius was.

The eminent jazz singer Lora Szafran also took the floor to talk about her concert to be played later in the evening at the historical courtyard of Collegium Maius entitled “The Secrets of Life by Leonard Cohen” as well as her fascination with that music, stressing the fact that it brought together various generations of listeners.

„Touch Culture” 2016. Photo of prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Stopka, JU Museum Director, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Mania, JU Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Ireneusz Białek, Marta Bylica i Lora Szafran.
At the close of the official part, a distinction was presented to Alina Słup, a student of design at the Pedagogical University of Cracow for her work entitled “The Echo of Collegium Maius”. Over the last year, she has made an adaptation that makes it possible for blind persons to get familiar with the interior and unique ambience of the Libraria and Stuba Communis at Collegium Maius.

We entourage other students of design to make adaptations and take part in a competition for most creative ideas in that regard. Best works will be subsidised and serve blind visitors to Collegium Maius.

Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Stopka, JU Museum Director and Ireneusz Białek, and Alina Słup
„Echoes of Collegium Maius”.
The participants could become familiar with the painting entitled "St John the Evangelist on Patmos" by Francisco de Zurbaran and a Spanish Renaissance Vargueño cabinet with decorative iron fittings and ebony-adorned drawers. Dr Wiktor Szymborski delivered a lecture on key pilgrimage routes in Europe as well as pilgrim rights, as always enchanting the audience with his knowledge and unique ability to talk about history.

At the courtyard of Collegium Maius medieval fights were enacted, and in the evening Lora Szafran and her band reigned supreme with a great music show inspired by Leonard Cohen. The audience sang Cohen’s “Hallelujah” along with the artist, and “Famous Blue Raincoat” ended the show as an encore. The artist was signing her CDs and talking with her fans until much later.

Lora Szafran.

The event took place under the honorary patronage of HM Rector of the Jagiellonian University.

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